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February 10, 2014

The students at Little Learners Preschool and Academy are reading and writing!  (And it's only February!)

Recently, one of our Academy teachers stopped in to my office to show me some of her students' work in their journals.  Each week, Mrs. McElroy discusses a topic with her students, then they draw a picture in their journal.  She encourages them to write one letter of a certain object in the picture, such as a "b" for "ball".

But last week, her students wrote complete sentences in their journal ALL BY THEMSELVES!!!  I repeat:  whole words and complete sentences!  They didn't copy them from the board, and  Mrs. McElroy didn't stand over them and tell them how to form each letter and spell each word.  They did it all on their own!

But it's not just in Mrs. McElroy's Academy and Advanced Academy class that students are reading and writing.  I had an aunt of one of Mrs. Thomas' students in the preschool class tell me that her nephew know all his letters and was reading everything in sight!  She definitely wanted her son to join our program in the fall!

Our reading and writing curriculum works!  Our students' accomplishments are proof!

GOOD JOB, Little Learners and teachers!  Your hard work is paying off! 

Kindergarten teachers, be prepared.  The reading and writing Little Learners are coming your way!




January 22, 2014

Registration for Fall 2014 begins next week, Monday, January 27th.  Spots fill up quickly.  Don't miss out!

fire fighters are coming!

February 27, 2013

The fire fighters are coming, and we couldn't be more excited!  They will be joining us tomorrow, Thursday, the 27th, and Friday, the 28th.

Not only is it fun for the students, but the presentation by the fire fighters is also very educational.  Our goal in having the fire fighters join us each year at the preschool is so that our students become familiar with them, and in case there is a fire, they won't be afraid to go to the fire fighters.  Too often, children run and hide in an emergency situation, because the fire fighters can look so ominous dressed in their gear.  In their preschool presentation, one of the fire fighters will dress up in his full gear right in front of the students.  Then the students are invited to come up close to tap on their helmet and look at their other gear. 

Once the presentation is finished, the students get to go through the fire truck.  That is just so exciting!

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We have a few spots left!

Because of the tremendous interest in Little Learners Preschool and Academy, we have opened two additional classes.  We do have a few spaces available yet.  

And don't miss out on our Early Bird Tuition Discount! There is a $5/month discount if you register before April 15th, 2014.  

Click here for a registration form.

Little Learners Preschool and Academy

 Little Learners Preschool and Academy is a Christian, academic-based preschool.  Our students are taught with a hands-on, exploratory approach to learning.  We offer a variety of programs and schedules to fit our preschool families' needs, in addition to Extended Care before and after class.

Please take a moment to explore our website and all the features and benefits Little Learners has to offer.  Should you have further questions or would like to set up a tour of our preschool, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting with us today!

Sanine Beck, Director

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