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Why choose Little Learners Christian Preschool?

Little Learners Christian Preschool has SO MUCH to offer!  Here are just a few of the many reasons that make Little Learners such a great place to learn and grow:

  • We are a Christian preschool.  Every day at Little Learners, our students hear about Jesus' love for us.  We have Bible Time during our morning Group Time, where we explore that month's Biblical Character Trait, as well as recite the Bible verse that accompanies the Character Trait.  The students have an opportunity to pray during Bible Time, as well as before Snack and Lunch Time.
  • We are an academic-based preschool.  We find that students of preschool age love to learn.  They are eager to explore and touch and discover!  The Little Learners' students are presented with a variety of hands-on academic activities that incorporate math skills, reading concepts, and science exploration.  We incorporate academics in our Terrific Two's program all the way through our Academy (pre-k) program.
  • We have an indoor play area and an outdoor playground.  Our facility provides our students with an Indoor Play Area for times when the weather is not conducive to go outside.  We have a variety of large manipulatives for the students to play with inside, including scooters, bouncy balls, and even big wheel bikes.  Our students have an opportunity to burn off energy no matter what the thermometer reads!
  • We offer a variety of schedules and programs to meet our families' needs.  With so many different schedules to choose from, Little Learners makes it easy for families to find a program that fits their needs.  We offer morning-only classes or classes that run for 6 hours.  Families can choose 2 days a week, 3 days a week, or 5 days a week.  And with our Extended Care program before and after class, students can stay with us for just a few hours or all day.  Our Extended Care program can be used as a drop-in service or parents can sign-up for a contracted amount and pay a less-per-hour fee.
  • We have a very caring and loving staff.  The staff at Little Learners is particularly interested in the overall development of each student in all areas: spiritually, physically, intellectually, and socially.  But our care and concern is not limited to just our students.  We also care deeply about our preschool families as a whole.  We encourage our families to be involved in their child's preschool experience as much as they want to and are able to. 

If you would like more information about our awesome preschool, please fill out the form on the last page.  We would be happy to send you an information packet, as well as schedule a tour.

Thank you for visiting with us today!

Sanine Beck, Director